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Friday, July 17, 2009

False Start - It is Turner Field After all.

The Backstop Back At Ya: Okay maybe the expectation to win the first game out of the gat was a bit, shall we say, ambitious. I sense (Or I want to sense) that there is a big streak coming. But I have made it clear that I am going down with the ship.
Trade Proposal:
Mets get: Chone Figgins & Reggie Willets.
Angels Get: Bobby Parnell and Bradley Holt.
Mets need bats/Angels need Bullpen help. They get Parnell, a hard throwing reliever and Holt, a top AA pitching prospect.
Figgins is a) perfect for Citi Field and b) Is just what we need. He plays several positions well so when/if anybody comes back from DL we are able to move him to another position.
I am guessing that we would have to sweeten the pot a little... But it is a thought.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Miracle On Roosevelt Avenue Begins... NOW

The Backstop Back At Ya: And its been too long. Second half of the season just began at Turner. (i.e. the Archetype of where the hero must go to begin his journey back to redemption) The hardest place for the Mets to win over the past 15 years.
The Backstop Believes: That before we can take our place in this year's history we have to get ALL fair-weather fans off board now. Mets just went down 1,2, 3 with a strike out and 2 very good defensive plays on the Braves side.
-Uncle Fred Please Note: I cant boo Pedro. He falls into a category of 3 (the other 2 being Piaza and Hernandez) that fall into that category. "The Guys that Came to YOUR Team when Nobody Else Wanted To." The brought a degree of legitimacy with them. To let Pedro go to the Braves for $1 million is for shame. I will not cheer the Phillies... But I can NEVER Boo Pedro.
Ollie just cleared the first inning throwing 5 pitches.
The Backstop Is Back. Braves, Phillies, Marlins & anybody else that steps up... Just Bring It
PS, The Calvary Is On The Way.


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