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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Almost Time To Start (Over)

The Backstop Back At Ya: Well, now that I have been reminded what it feels like to have my team's season over while they still have 2-3 months to play, (depending on when you gave up) I have to be honest. I even miss having my heart broken on the final Sunday of the regular season.
How sad is that?
Well its over. Yeah I know their is still a world series about to happen. Which, unless the Angels pull off a miracle, will feature the Yankees and the Phillies. Add snakes and you have my worst nightmare.
I would be forced to pull for the Phillies. If for no other reason, the Phillies successfully defending their title, I at least would not have to live in the city where the celebration happens. Call me a fan of the geography. Either way I am choosing which Lord of the Sith to cheer for.
It is getting cold outside however. You know what that means.
It is almost time to fire up the old Mets Hot Stove season.
Ah yes, the Met fan's time of refuge where victory does not have to happen on the baseball field. What will they do to right the wrong that was the 2009 season? The most backwards season since 2001.
I have not decided what I think their best course of action is yet. I am reluctant to want them to sign any "Type A" free agents this year because we do not have any of the same who's contracts are expiring. We have the #7 over all pick in the 2010 player draft. Signing John Lackey would cost us that pick. Right now, the bottom line says that I like the prospects that should be available in the player draft more than I like the type A free agents this year. All due respect to the likes of Mr. Lackey, Matt Holiday, and a very few other people that fall into that category. This is just one of those free agent seasons where availability will supercede value when it come to free agent talent this year. They are the "cream of the crap" if you will. I think Lackey and Big Matt would be huge pieces to this messed up puzzle. I also may change my mind about this. But for now I want to stock up on talent just in case the rumors of King Albert being unhappy in St. Louis are true, I want us to have 2 of whatever they want for a hitter like that.
So lets talk turkey. And by turkey I mean trades. I wonder if Castillo played well enough to get himself traded? That is why I have to think about this for a while. If I had written in January that Lucky Louie would be the ONLY regular to stay in the line-up, healthy, and produce, they would have come and taken me away.
The Backstop says Fire up the stove.


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