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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Glad That Didn't happen

The Backstop Back At Ya: Overheard a rumor that got stepped out before it reached the presses.
It was supposed to be a 3-way deal between the Mets, The Blue Jays and the Cubs. It sent out Castillo. (That did not bother me) sent Bradley somewhere else (still with you) Sent Dan Murphy somewhere else (I would learn to live with it) and imported Lyle Overbay (and there is where they lost me) Overbay would be an overpaid, older version of Dan Murphy. Maybe a little better with the glove but age and pay make this deal a deal for deal's sake. So I am glad that they did not pull the trigger on this one. *Unless there would have been another deal in place that would have been made possible by this one. Highly unlikely. Glad we are in discussions with somebody though. More specifically, I am glad we have a dialogue with the Blue Jays. (I think you know where I am going with this one) With the understanding that this winter the Jays may have to move their ace lest they risk him going to free agency nest year, I am sure as salt goes with pepper, that we could sure use Doc. Would even enter the new year with a better outlook if we landed a Halliday before the holidays. Optimistic? Yes Out of the question? Five Words: Johan Santana is a Met.

Friday, November 6, 2009

At Least That Is Over. May the End Start The Beginning

The Backstop Back At Ya: First things first: The Backstop humbly would like to congratulate the New York Yankees and their REAL fans for winning their 27th World Series... But don't push it. I have tremendous respect for any baseball fan that is passionate about their team. Personal experience has shown me that in the case of the Yankee Fans -v- Fans of the other teams records indicate that it is only the real fans who can answer questions like: Who is the back-up catcher? or Who did they trade to get Player X? I find way too often that questions that Derek Jeter or A-Rod are not the answer to find them with little to say but "We Won... Mets Suck Yippie..." That is not who I am referring to when I say "Real Baseball Fans."
It hurt enough having to route for the Phillies anyway. I could not help but notice that Young King Cole proved to be quite the choke artist last Saturday. Hm..
Okay enough of that. Lets get started on fixing this mess. We need:
A) A starting pitcher above all else. I would prefer this to come via the trade as John Lackey would cost us the #7 overall pick in next years player draft. Unfortunately we have to look at next year while being mindful of future years. If I may overstate the obvious Doc Halliday would be the most desirable candidate. I am not sure we have enough of what the Blue Jays would need to get in return to make that happen. Other alternatives must be explored. I have heard a few rumblings that suggest King Felix Hernandez of the Mariners may be made available should the right deal present itself. Ike Davis aside, (Who the Mariners would not have a position for anyway) is one of my few "Untouchables" as far as prospects are concerned. A short list that would get even shorter if certain names such as the above 2 pitchers were made available.
B) Left Field/Catcher/First Base or Second Base. The organization seems content even committed to Murphy at 1b next season. Which is fine provided they make significant upgrades at 2 of the other 3 spots. I do not want to spoil the surprise, but I think the Mets starting Left Fielder next year will be Carlos Lee. More to come.
Lets get this mess fixed. I will be posting polls in the next few days. As well as trade possibilities worth looking into. For now I have to go to work (And not the damn parade. I would sooner remove my own fingers)
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